Emilia Wickstead Spring Summer 2024

‘Around her I see a halo of magic’ - Jacques Henri Lartigue on Renée Perle


The Emilia Wickstead Spring Summer 2024 collection captures a snapshot in time. Freethinking women document fresh codes of sartorial liberation in the 1930’s South of France. A charged, atmospheric playground of artists, photographers and writers on an eternal vacation.

Sun drenched limbs are draped in scarves, crossing bare shoulders and wrapped over dresses. French female artists’ vibrant colour palettes are painted as stripes and florals onto cropped shapes. Fluid men’s pleat front trousers, taken from lovers turned muses, are seen aside languid bias cut dresses and dazzling beaded skirts worn on hedonistic nights. Fluidity, independence and liberation define this fascinating intersection between aesthetics, class, sexuality and psychology, creating a revolution in our woman’s wardrobe.

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