EW X The Woolmark Company
Inspired by nature and strong women of the world, our knitwear collection offers a modern wardrobe crafted from Australian Merino wool.

Designed to be layered or stripped back, the Woolmark-certified collection shifts perceptions about when and how wool can be worn and demonstrates the luxury fibre’s innate versatility.
The pieces reimagine the role of wool not solely as a winter textile, but as a trans-seasonal fibre made to last.

“Working with Merino wool has been incredibly exciting for me: it’s biodegradable, it’s renewable, it’s natural and it’s the more sustainable option. We’ve shifted people’s perceptions about how wool can be worn by enjoying it season-to-season and not just as a winter textile.” - Emilia Wickstead

Partnering with the Woolmark Company, Wickstead journeyed back to the source of this age-old fibre to not only meet the growers who produce Australian wool but also reimagine an iconic fibre in a modern way to create a modern workwear wardrobe.

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