Resort 2024 Campaign


The Emilia Wickstead Resort 2024 collection is a study of modern womanhood. An exploration of the symbiotic relationship between women, their environment and personal style. A love letter to the women and to the city of New York. A tribute to the sisterhood of women — the businesswomen, mothers and creatives who inspire Emilia

Tilly Macalister-Smith is a British writer, editor and consultant living in New York City. She lends her uniquely intelligent tone of voice to wrting across luxury fashion and jewelry, design, culture, travel, interiors and architecture, wellness and beauty, and more. With a wealth of experience, Tilly has held staff roles at major magazines such as British Vogue and Wallpaper, contributed to titles including New York Times T Magazine, World of Interiors, The Business of Fashion, the Financial Times, and more, and held senior in-house positions at global brands including Tiffany and Diane Von Furstenberg.

“The proximity of New York is entirely unique, in that the city is literally on top of itself. You step outside your front door and you can have a handful of experiences before you even reach the coffee shop. It sounds cliche but it always surprises me. And one of the biggest surprises is the friendliness: people are so direct and upfront, but always heartfelt. You always know where you are with a New Yorker. It's refreshing, and it's partly why the city moves at such a clip. No tip toeing around. You better say what you mean and be quick about it. Which in turn leaves time for other slower things. It’s like everyone knows there’s this inherent efficiency in yelling ‘Good morning’ across the street at each other without stopping.”

Tilly Macalister-Smith

Melissa Levy is a longstanding Emilia Wickstead collaborator, having styled previous shows and shoots for the brand. An internationally lauded fashion stylist and photographer, Levy is the Fashion Director at Cero magazine and a contributing fashion editor for Vogue Australia and Vogue Philippines. Born in Sydney, she spent her early years engrossed in the art world, initially planning on becoming a painter and curator. Having studied fashion design at The Sydney Institute, today Levy counts industry icons such as Fran Buns, Katy England and Karl Templer as her mentors, each one developing her eye and vision.

“I have found comfort, or rather I have fallen in love with the familiarity of the unknown. The deep intensity, the seduction of promise, the anonymity one can slip on and the beauty that rests in the transient and ephemeral nature of New York.”

Melissa Levy

As Editor, Naomi Elizée brings her discerning eye to the front of book pages and editorial shoots for American Vogue. After graduating from Florida State, Elizée began her career working for Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue, before beginning as an assistant at Vogue in 2017. In 2020, Elizée launched her podcast "So What Do You Do Again?" which highlights the careers of trailblazing women of color in the fashion industry. The podcast also serves as a tool to educate others aspiring to get their foot in the door.

"The people of New York City are what keeps me inspired. People from different backgrounds and experiences in one place where we can all learn from each other and empower one another. It's beautiful and one of the main reasons I still live in New York City to this day."

Naomi Elizée

Leandra Medine Cohen is an American writer. She founded and ran Man Repeller, a media company that captured a generation, covering millennial women’s interests and style for a decade, from 2010 to 2020. She now writes The Cereal Aisle, the most widely read fashion newsletter on Substack. Leandra lives i New York with her husband and two daughters.

“What inspires me about New York? The people. Sometimes walking down the street is enough to get me out of a creative rut. There is such a diverse range of personal style everywhere and it feels nourishing to know these ideas, which may never have occurred to me, are almost always right there in the flesh.”

Leandra Medine Cohen

Lynette Nylander is a writer, editor, creative consultant, and the US Editorial Director at Dazed. With a career spanning the intersection of youth and popular culture, she's worked as Deputy Editor of i-D and Teen Vogue, and has held senior leadership positions at the likes of Alexander Wang and Pat McGrath Labs. Originally from London, Lynette is a Forbes 30 under 30 alumna and spoken at global institutions such as the V&A, British Film Institute and The Smithsonian.

“New York is one of my greatest loves. The history brought me, and its energy keeps me here. It’s got the best of culture available to you every day and living here, you feel that anything is possible.”

Lynette Nylander

Selby Dummond is a native New Yorker and the Chief Brand Officer at Snapchat, where she oversees creative, brand strategy, and social impact across the Bumble, Inc. portfolio of apps. Selby joined Snapchat after nearly eight years at American Vogue, joining as Accessories Editor and later serving as Director of Accessories and Special Projects. Selby was instrumental in her work with the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. She resides in New York with her husband and daughter.

“New York is one of my greatest loves. The history brought me, and its energy keeps me here. It’s got the best of culture available to you every day and living here, you feel that anything is possible.”

Selby Drummond

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi is a multi-award-winning American filmmaker. Born and raised in Manhattan, Chai has Hungarian, Chinese and Brazilian roots. Her first film, "A Normal Life", won Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2003. Together with her husband, Jimmy Chin, she directed and produced “Free Solo,” an intimate, unflinching portrait of rock climber Alex Honnold, which was awarded a BAFTA and the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2019. The film also received seven Emmy awards. Her work is characterized by emotive storytelling, an attention to process, connected with the willingness to ask hard questions to those who put themselves in danger, or stand to lose from it. Chai's most recent film, Nyad, based on sixty-four-year-old marathon swimmer Diana Nyad and starrring Annette Bening and Jodie Foster, premiered at the 50th Telluride Film Festival on September 1, 2023.

"I’m constantly inspired by the vibrancy, diversity and grit of New York City. There’s so much I love: the authentic congee in Chinatown; the Hungarian pastry shops; the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s samurai collection; Lincoln Center, American Ballet Theater. I think I have my best ideas just riding the subway."

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhely

Rickie De Sole is the Women’s Fashion Director at Nordstrom. A true fashion veteran with a clear eye, prior to joining Nordstrom Rickie was the Executive Fashion Director at, with previous roles as Fashion Director at W Magazine, Accessories Director at Vogue Magazine and in-house at Prada. Rickie lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

"There’s an energy in New York you just don’t get anywhere else in the world. The always-on spirit here keeps me motivated and I love that I’m always discovering new places and meeting new people. I’d be bored anywhere else!"

Rickie De Sole

Jess Willis is the current Fashion Director for The Cut and a Freelance Stylist based in New York City working with publications including WSJ and Luncheon. With boundary-pushing style, Jess has independently conceptualized and styled the looks for culturally relevant music videos, editorials and runway shows. With experience in costume design and several years working behind the scenes in the music industry, Jess has an innate understanding of the body, resulting in the recurring themes of grace, strength, and beauty throughout her work.

Ivy Getty is a prolific fashion collector, model and philanthropist. Ivy was raised in San Francisco, London and New York, where she is now based. She has made her mark in the fashion world, attending the past few Met Galas and beyond fashion, devotes most of her energy to philanthropy, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Anne Getty, who contributed to organizations in healthcare, politics, and the arts.

""New York has an everlasting energy that continues to inspire me to explore the unknown throughout the city. There is an endless list of places to experience, restaurants to share with friends, and new faces that keep the city alive!"

Ivy Getty

Born and raised in Toronto, Hannah Traore developed an affinity for art and an appreciation for diverse perspectives from a young age. Her mother, an art collector and fiber artist, infused art into every part of her life while her father, a Malian immigrant, immersed her in his culture. After studying Art History at Skidmore College, Traore interned at the Museum of Modern Art and later served as Project Manager to Isolde Brielmaier – current Deputy Director of the New Museum. In January 2022, at the age of just 27, she opened her eponymous Hannah Traore Gallery on New York's Lower East Side, with the mission of advocating for and celebrating artists who have been historically marginalized. This year, Hannah was included on Forbes' 30 under 30 list for her contributions to art and style.

“It’s actually quite difficult to not be inspired by New York City. In a city where you can be, wear, eat, and see literally whatever you want, the ingenuity of people is stimulating. I’m constantly inspired by peoples outfits, talent, confidence, and individuality.”

Hannah Traore

Isabella Massenet is a DJ and model living in New York City. Born and raised in London, in a French-American household, she moved to New York to attend NYU Gallatin, studing Neuroaesthetics. She began her DJ career shortly thereafter. Isabella's first modelling role was for Emilia Wickstead in 2017, walking in the Spring Summer 2018 runway show in London.

“I love New York for its vibrant energy. It makes me feel like anything is possible and motivates me to get up and seize the day!”

Isabella Massenet